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Welcome to the review of GovMetric data for August 2011.

This index is based on aggregated data from 70 UK councils, gathered monthly through www.govmetric.com.

This month:

  • Monthly Spotlight  – Highest multi-channel satisfaction scores
  • Monthly Spotlight  – Highest per channel satisfaction scores
  • Spotlight: GovMetric Awards 2011 Winners Announcement
  • UK Councils –  Channel Access Ratios
  • UK Councils – Highest volume service demand
  • Methodology for Monthly Spotlights

Monthly Spotlights 

The first table looks at overall satisfaction on a multi-channel basis:

CAI Aug 2011 - All

CAI Aug 2011 - All

Well done to North Kesteven District Council, who take the top spot this month despite not appearing in last month’s top 10.

The second table looks at customer satisfaction with the Face to Face channel:

CAI Aug 2011 - F2F

CAI Aug 2011 - F2F

South Northamptonshire, Mid Devon and East Hertfordshire all appear in this month’s index.  

 The third table looks at customer satisfaction with the telephone channel:

CAI Aug 2011 - Tel

CAI Aug 2011 - Tel

Dundee City Council is the highest new entrant this month.

The fourth table looks at customer satisfaction with the web channel:

CAI Aug 2011 - Web

CAI Aug 2011 - Web

Well done to North Hertfordshire District Council – a great performance.

Finally, this chart looks at the number of Feedback gathered:

CAI Aug 2011 - feedback volume

CAI Aug 2011 - feedback volume

The positions of the top six performers are all unchanged this month, with well over 20,000 pieces of feedback between them in just a month. That really is a huge amount of insight!



GovMetric Awards 2011 Winners Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the winners of this year’s GovMetric Awards. Many thanks to all of you who made submissions, we were all very encouraged by the fantastic work our subscribers are doing to engage with customers and use their feedback to bring about real change- both in the way services are provided and on improving the culture and strategy of their organisations.

Council of the Year (Unitary/ County) – London Borough of Sutton
Sutton have had an incredible year, spurred on by their gong last year they have gone from strength to strength. Again they have collected a staggering amount of customer feedback – over 94,000 individual ratings across the three main channels. Using their customer feedback in a variety of ways Sutton have been able to demonstrate the real value of customer insight in making improvements and they have learnt hard lessons from their customers by effectively using  the service to monitor issues having a strong impact on the customer experience. They now have a strong commitment to really listening to the voice of the customer.

Council of the Year (District) – Stevenage Borough Council
We know that smaller organisations are different from large ones and they work in different ways, this is why we decided to open up our ‘Council of Year’ category and recognise the great work that some of the smaller borough and district councils are doing. Stevenage Borough Council have collected over 23000 feedback responses which is amazing given the population of the borough is under 80000. Stevenage are prolific across all of the three main channels and are relentless in striving for customer satisfaction. They know that you need to measure satisfaction consistently to better understand your customers. They have regularly appeared in our top ten in our Customer Access Index, and continually obtain excellent ratings from their customers.

Council Website of the Year – Warwickshire County Council
Having been in our top 5 for satisfaction in almost every month since we started publishing our Customer Access Index, and hitting number one on several occasions, Warwickshire are worthy winners of our Council Website of the Year. They have received more feedback on this channel than any other council and they have used the feedback constructively to fine tune their new website. They know that making little changes on the web and continually looking to make improvements, for which customer input is a huge feature, is the key to success. They value both the quantitative and qualitative feedback they receive through GovMetric and this is really driving their plans for the future.

Service Category Excellence – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council for Council Tax Service
This year we decided to look at results based on the basic GovMetric service categories to see if we could recognise some excellent practices in a particular service area. This was a tough challenge as we needed to prove consistency as well as overall excellence. Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council were our ultimate winners for their excellent customer ratings in the Council Tax category. Most of their feedback came from the face to face and telephone channels, so we know that the staff do a fantastic job and that the council provides a quick, informative service to its customers.  Achieving an overall satisfaction figure of 94% which was an increase of almost 3 points on last year, they also managed to increase the feedback levels by over 4% too. Consistent, measurable improvement – just what we like to see!

Case Studies in Excellence – The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Southend-On-Sea Borough Council
Both of these councils continue year on year to improve their use of GovMetric and make progress with the overall customer insight agenda.

We were really impressed with the staff engagement work that Southend-On-Sea Borough Council have been doing, they actively educate and brief their staff in the importance of collecting customer insight, continuously measure individual staff involvement and have integrated this into their formal appraisal processes. Most importantly we can see that staff have better visibility of the entire insight process, from collection, to analysis and accountability for responding to feedback.

At The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea GovMetric has become well embedded in their operations, and they have worked hard on incorporating customer insight into their KPIs and the organisation’s “vital signs”.  Add to this further improvements in staff training and mentoring, making better use of data and analysis of comments, and progressive feedback throughout the organisation, RBKC are definitely getting it right!

GovMetric Team of the Year – Dundee City Council
Dundee City Council have been using Govmetric for over a year. They had a slow start but they know how important it is to be listening to customers. They now have a structured approach to monitoring take up and have empowered the staff to use the techniques that work for them when engaging with customers. This has resulted in much more useful data and some great responses from customers about the staff themselves. We recognise that the team at Dundee have put in a lot of hard work this year to really embed GovMetric into their everyday responsibilities.

We had many submissions for this category and it was a hard choice for us to make, indeed all teams are to be congratulated for their efforts. There were a couple of submission that stood out for us for which we would like to mention and award a runner up prize, they are

Runner Up – The Borough of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk
Runner Up – Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Both of these teams have been through significant changes in the last year but we were impressed with their commitment to the customer and the team spirit that has prevailed!

GovMetric Promotion Award – The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
We are always on the look out for ideas for promoting GovMetric. Raising awareness, communicating key messages to customers and generally encouraging them to participate is vital on all channels, but on the face to face and web channels we have an opportunity to do this through a visual means.  Signposting and clearly explaining to customers the importance of their feedback and how you use it can easily be done through articles, posters, signs and displays. Earlier this year The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead created a presentation which is shown on their LCD screen their Customer Service Centre. The presentation is simple but very effective, and shows video footage of customers giving feedback and reinforces the importance of customers telling us what they think. Along with some other promotional work RBWM have significantly increased the number of responses they receive on the face-to-face channel.

Finally, thanks to Colchester Council who kindly hosted the East Region User Group this month.  It was a really enjoyable and valuable day, with a jam-packed agenda.

UK Councils – Channel Access Ratios & Highest volume service demand

This is where we take a look at the two key charts from the national trends data – channel ratios and service volume trends for UK councils in the sample.

CAI Aug 2011 - channel chart

CAI Aug 2011 - channel chart

CAI Aug 2011 - services chart

CAI Aug 2011 - services chart

Methodology for Monthly Spotlights

The monthly spotlights are calculated using aggregated data from 70 UK councils. The methodology is as follows:

Overall satisfaction is based on GovMetric councils which have achieved the required total number of feedbacks across a minimum of 2 channels:

  • County – min of 800 feedbacks for the month
  • Unitary – min of 800 feedbacks for the month
  • District – min of 400 feedbacks for the month

Channel satisfaction is based on GovMetric councils which have achieved the required number of channel feedbacks across a minimum of 1 channel:

  • County – min of 400 feedbacks for the month
  • Unitary – min of 400 feedbacks for the month
  • District – min of 200 feedbacks for the month


Populations circa 2009.
The arrows indicate the council’s position on the chart compared to the previous month’s results.

Data is sourced from www.govmetric.com. GovMetric is a customer experience measurement service that enables you to listen to the Voice of the Customer across all contact channels, to prioritise which areas to improve and to measure improvements through near real-time reporting.

As the data used is a fixed snapshot taken at the end of each month there may be minor variances to the data seen in GovMetric reporting due to final data updates after the end of the month, mapping updates etc.

For a demo of how GovMetric works please visit http://www.govmetric.com/demo.  Make sure you have volume turned on!

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