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UK Councils Social Media Reputation Index for June 2011

This month:

  • The top 20 UK councils for online reputation
  • The Media Mix – News v Blogs v Twitter etc
  • Public Sector’s use of social media advancing
  • Managing Impersonators

The Top 20

The top 20 councils ranked by social media sentiment (subject to them attaining a minimum number of references during the month – Districts = 100 mentions, Counties and Unitaries = 300) for this month are:

Top 20

Top 20

Congratulations to Southwark Council for achieving such a high score in the Top 20. A quick look online shows they have a commitment to social media communications, with clear signposting on their website and a good audience on the platforms managed by an e-communications team.



Public Sector’s use of social media advancing:

We have seen examples of public sector organisations using Twitter to raise awareness of what they do. Surrey Police have developed this further by reporting every car crime in a one-week period on Twitter. This is an excellent example of using Twitter for a two-way dialogue. It is hoped that Twitter users can actually help the Police with their investigations. There must be many more scenarios where a process like this could lead to service efficiencies?

Surrey Police

Surrey Police

Managing Impersonators:

The issue of controlling Twitter looks set to become more and more pressing, with the example below being another consideration that councils will need to take.  Many Twitter users coming across the username of @DMBC_LEADER would reasonably assume that this person is related to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, and may even follow this person’s tweets or accept a follower request. However, one quick glance on this Twitter user’s page and we can see that this is not something that any council would want to have associated with them. Yet this person is using the council’s logo and brand.  Currently there is very little power to act on impersonators like this. Being aware that they are around and monitoring what they are saying is a start though.



Buzz and Media Mix

Next, this month’s total references to ‘Councils’ online is:

Council Buzz June 2011

Council Buzz June 2011

We can see a recent increase in total online buzz. Knowing that news syndication measurement changes account for the apparent dip in total buzz (see earlier blogs for more on this), let’s look at the media mix to understand more on what has contributed to this lift:

Media Mix June 2011

Media Mix June 2011

Twitter’s return to previous levels indicates that May, the month of the elections, provided a peak in this particular channel. This could suggest that a pattern to council and resident usage of the social media channels. For example, Twitter’s speed being effective for spreading election news and reaction. Online news has shown a further increase from last month. Council mentions on blogs have reduced in the last few months. We shall continue to watch this.


Images and chart data may be used provided CouncilMonitor are credited accordingly.

For a more comprehensive service description please look at www.councilmonitor.com/about

Monthly Buzz Index methodology  – Details can be found here

About CouncilMonitor – CouncilMonitor trawls the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, searching through news, blogs, forums and social media sites. It reads through all of this information and summarises what’s being said about UK councils, and can even tell you whether the sentiment is positive or negative (similar to the election worm we have seen at #leadersdebate). The service was launched in December 2009 so is still quite early on, but by measuring a benchmark group of councils on a consistent basis we hope to be able to provide some national trend information relating to what people are saying about their councils – and how they choose to say it.

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