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UK Councils Social Media Reputation Index October 2010

This month:

  • The top 20 UK councils for online reputation
  • Squirrels go viral at Swindon
  • The Media Mix – News v Blogs v Twitter etc
  • #Solace2010 – over 1,000 tweets sent at Cardiff
  • Manchester police trial tweeting every incident over 24 hours
  • Upcoming events

The top 20 councils ranked by social media sentiment this month are:

Oct top 20

Oct top 20

Good to see Hartlepool featuring near the top for the first time  – largely due to positive communications around their handling of a local charity scam – and being shortlisted with local partners for an award for the quality of their Coastline.

With our sympathy – down at the other end of the chart we see the impact a ‘silly’ item can have. The chart below shows Swindon’s chart for October scoring -1.9 for the month and also illustrating the peak of activity compared to the rest of the month.



The issue here was Swindon Council being named in a story that went viral – that of the local squirrels ……….



Moving on, this month’s total references to ‘Councils’ online is:

Total Council Buzz

Total Council Buzz

And the Media mix is:

Buzz Media Mix

Buzz Media Mix

Solace tweeting – #solace2010 – We were delighted to join Solace this year to assist in facilitating what must be the most ‘interactive’ Solace ever. This innovative approach involved:

  • Using GovMetric touchscreens to capture delegate feedback on policy items.
  • Enabling delegates to text questions to the chair during plenary sessions.
  • Using #solace2010 to track all related tweets – and then playing them back to delegates in the coffee breaks.

Over 120 delegates participated in the interactive poll, and over 1,000 tweets were sent during the conference. Many outside the conference commented that #solace2010 was creating more of a buzz than many other concurrent conferences and event hash tags. We’re now taking this approach into a service for other events – see www.eventdialogue.com and get in touch if you would like to make your event more interactive!

Manchester police – BBC comments “One of England’s biggest police forces has “tweeted” every incident it dealt with over a 24-hour period. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) used Twitter to give the public an idea of the workload officers face.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy said it would also give politicians an idea of the kind of incidents “not recognised in league tables and measurements”.

See the article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-11537806

Manchester Police

Manchester Police

Events –  Next month we’re delighted to be working with Headstar at http://www.headstar-events.com/fdem10/ – the UK’s leading annual conference on all aspects of e-democracy – see you there.


Images and chart data may be used provided CouncilMonitor are credited accordingly.

For a more comprehensive service description please look at www.councilmonitor.com/about

Monthly Buzz Index methodology  – Details can be found here

About CouncilMonitor – CouncilMonitor trawls the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, searching through news, blogs, forums and social media sites. It reads through all of this information and summarises what’s being said about UK councils, and can even tell you whether the sentiment is positive or negative (similar to the election worm we have seen at #leadersdebate). The service was launched in December 2009 so is still quite early on, but by measuring a benchmark group of councils on a consistent basis we hope to be able to provide some national trend information relating to what people are saying about their councils – and how they choose to say it.

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