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UK Councils – Customer Access Index July 2010

This month:

o    UK Councils-  Channel Access Ratios

o    UK Councils – Highest volume service demand

o    Customer Service Week

o    GovMetric Awards

o    Solace 2010

Welcome to the review of GovMetric data for July 2010 – This month we will take a quick look at the 2 key charts – channel ratios and service volume trends for UK councils.

Worryingly for the ‘Efficiency’ gurus, the gradual downward trend in self serve web interactions as a percentage of overall interactions continues. This must be disappointing for everyone expecting to see channel shift as a great efficiency saver.

UK Councils Channel Access Ratios - July 2010

UK Councils Channel Access Ratios - July 2010

However, those of you who have read this blog over the last few months will understand the link between the varying demand for different services – and the particular access channel profile for each service – and how this then goes on to affect the graph above.

A look at the changing demand for these individual services shows the highest demand at the moment is in the areas of:

1.    Housing

2.    Council Tax

3.    Benefits

Housing and Council Tax seems to be growing quite considerably – and when one considers the higher propensity for customers to access these services over the telephone, then we understand how this impacts the overall channel ratios above. They have changed because of the increase in demand for these services – not a move away from the web channel per se.

UK Councils Service Demand - July 2010

UK Councils Service Demand - July 2010

Anyway – that’s enough of the stats! On to the main event in the coming month – Customer Service Week (4th to 8th October).

In celebration of the excellent work done by customer service teams up and down the country we schedule our annual GovMetric awards  to showcase some of the best examples at this time. A few are listed below:

Council Of The Year – Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council have done a fantastic job this year in engaging their staff and customers and using GovMetric data to make some significant improvements. The Plymouth submission included an excellent video which we think sums up what GovMetric, and true customer focus, is all about. You can watch this video below. Look out for some more information about how Plymouth achieved our Council Of The Year award – we think they are truly inspirational!


Improving Council – Hambleton District Council

Hambleton Council have been advocates of the GovMetric service for a long time but this year they have made great strides to introduce the concept of completing the feedback loop both internally and with customers. They have actively resolved to encourage the flow of customer insight throughout their organisation through their six Leadership Boards and through enhanced commitment of their strategic and senior management. They have already seen some tangible results with improvements on the telephone and web channels in particular and they are well on the way to getting the best out of GovMetric – we think they really have the right idea!

Gong Award – Southend-On -Sea Borough Council

Southend Council were the Council Of The Year in 2009 and they certainly haven’t rested on their laurels this year either! Continuing to focus their use of GovMetric, in particular they have concentrated on improving take up and the quality of feedback on the Face -to-Face  channel.  By using question / comment  cards to  capture customer feedback, and with the continued dedication to staff participation, Southend have been able to significantly increase their take up which has resulted in much improved and more representative satisfaction levels –  we think they know their onions!

Gong Award – Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council have worked tirelessly this year to get more from their telephone feedback. Firstly they knew that the more response they get from customers the more valid and useful their data will be. Using some excellent examples of team and individual motivational work, they have been able to positively encourage staff to engage with customers and work to raise the profile and awareness of GovMetric in their call centre. Responding to feedback has always been their top priority and using this insight, through very challenging times, continues to drive a more customer focussed service – we think their staff motivation work is great!

Gong Award – London Borough of Sutton

The London Borough of Sutton has been a GovMetric customer for over 3 years and throughout this time they have been dedicated to furthering their understanding customer insight through the use of GovMetric feedback. Their continuous attention to encouraging take up and maintaining staff momentum resulted in them getting far and away the most amount of feedback of any GovMetric client in the year to July 2010. In recognition of the hard work of all the staff at Sutton over the years  we think they really deserve a gong!

We’ll be showcasing these at Solace 2010 so please ask your CEO to stop by our stand and have a chat.


Data is sourced from www.govmetric.com. GovMetric is a customer experience measurement service that enables you to listen to the Voice of the Customer across all contact channels, to prioritise which areas to improve and to measure improvements through near real-time reporting.

For a demo of how GovMetric works please click here. Make sure you have volume turned on!

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