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UK Councils – Customer Access Index June 2010

With many people away in August we have a much slimmer issue this month and will focus on some of the monthly base data from the group.
The first chart shows the Channel Mix trend (the percentage of interactions over the primary channels)  – As discussed in earlier blogs this has become very stable and suggests little improvement in overall channel shift.

Channel Mix June 2010

Channel Mix June 2010

When it comes to Service Satisfaction we see the following variation across the higher volume services.

Service Satisfaction

Service Satisfaction

And when we look at the reasons for dissatisfaction we see the following.

Dissat reasons

Dissat reasons

Waiting times continues to be an issue with Benefits and Council Tax and to a certain extent Housing.
Resolving queries is clearly a frustration in Streets & Parking and Waste & Recycling.
Anyway – that’s enough for now – we said we’d keep it brief. I am looking forward to catching up at the events and conferences over the next couple of months. For those of you in Scotland interested in Customer Insight make sure you book a place at the Experian Mind the Gap Conference at Murrayfield on 8th September.

Data is sourced from www.govmetric.com. GovMetric is a customer experience measurement service that enables you to listen to the Voice of the Customer across all contact channels, to prioritise which areas to improve and to measure improvements through near real-time reporting.
For a demo of how GovMetric works please click here.  Make sure you have volume turned on!

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