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Methodology – UK Councils Customer Access Index – GovMetric

Having published a couple of months indices around CouncilMonitor data we are now working on doing similar with the multi channel customer experience data we gather through GovMetric. As with the CouncilMonitor Index it is important to share the methodology as to how the data is aggregated and analysed. So here goes………

Aggregated GovMetric data methodology statement – How do we prepare this data?


GovMetric captures customer feedback at the point of service experience across organisations’ primary access channels. It is a self-selecting survey that is made available to every customer via self-service interfaces such as kiosks, telephone IVR systems and web-based forms. GovMetric also receives and processes data gathered by participating organisations relating to the volume of customer interactions recorded by those organisations.

Customer experience measurement

Customers rate their experience of the service that they received from the organisation using the three GovMetric Smileys, corresponding to a Good, Average or Poor rating. Customers are also able to select one of four reasons for the rating selected. Where the interface device allows, customers are also invited to leave free-text comments and may also be asked supplementary questions, to collect data such as equalities information.

Note that on the telephone channel, customers must be invited to participate in the GovMetric survey by the customer service agent. This may lead to some degree of participant selection by customer service agents.

Customer interaction measurement

Interaction volumes for the face to face and telephone channels are typically measured and recorded by the organisation using existing processes and systems, e.g. CRM, tick sheets etc. This data is then sent to GovMetric at scheduled intervals. Different organisations may have different principles for defining and measuring customer interactions, and not all customer interactions may be recorded by all organisations.

Interaction volumes for the web channel are calculated by GovMetric by applying the IFABC definition of a web Visit to each organisation’s web logs.

Data aggregation

Each customer rating or interaction is assigned to one of the eight pre-defined service categories that are measured by that organisation. If the rating or interaction cannot be assigned to one of these categories, it is assigned to either the ‘Other Service’ category or the ‘Not a Service’ category.

Customer ratings across participating organisations are averaged to obtain a overall measure of satisfaction for each unique channel-service pair, or ‘segment’, e.g. Web-Benefits. A minimum number of feedback responses must have been collected by each organisation to be included in this measure.


This data is used to publish charts on a monthly basis that illustrate the average customer satisfaction delivered by local authorities in the UK across key channels and services.

Next Steps

Hoping to publish the first posting next month!

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